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My name is Kent Osbourne

I lost my parents at a young age. I lost my dad at 5, and my mom at 9. I was sent to live with my aunt until I ran away from her house at 14 years old, because we couldn't get along. I moved in with a cousin that allowed me too much freedom. I started hanging out with the wrong crowd. The people you hang around plays a major role in your life, you hang around losers you're going to become a loser, you hang around winners you're going to become a winner.

I found myself losing in life. I was in and out of county lockup until I found myself in prison for the second time. I gave my life to Christ in prison and started writing Christian rap music. When I got out of prison I went to the studio and worked on my first single Soaring, and my first album. Today I am a youth motivational speaker, Christian rapper, praise and worship leader, author, CEO of Prison To Power Inc. nonprofit organization, and the owner of K.O Trucking LLC. No matter what you then been through God can use you, and you still can be successful.



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They Don't Believe Cover
Kent Osbourne-Get Yo Prayze On
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